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Marketing & Editorial Director.

Team leader. Writer.
Mistake maker. Award winner.

Head of Partnerships, Marketing & Engagement

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Lead a 25-person department across internal partnerships, clients, business growth, ambassador programs, content creation, and product marketing for
the Groupe's proprietary AI platform, designed to revolutionize the way a holding company connects its people, grows careers, and supercharges client work.

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Creative Director, Social Media


I've taken to turning traditionally challenging brands (like banks) into thriving social media communities — driving rebrands, building content strategies, leading client workshops, and directing creative teams.


ACD, Copywriter
La Vie, Millennium Partners


How do you bring a luxury residential brand to life and sell more than a quarter of a billion dollars in real estate... in the middle of an economic recession?

By transforming a place to live into a way to live. By connecting residents to the most unique experiences in the cities they love—like Fireside Chats with Joe Montana and Michael Mina. By creating a digital magazine with behind-the-scenes content. And by making all of this exclusive to Millennium Partners residents.

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Creative Director / Copywriter

Additional work includes a text-and-drive short film, content marketing, recipe videos, interview series, partnerships, and more. 

And I wrote a children's book.

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