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Creative Director - Copy, Social Strategist

An engaging brand experience that combines the visual impact of a print magazine with the interactivity of the social space. The strategy leveraged influencer partnerships to gain credibility and tap into a qualified audience with a predisposed interest in our category.

Yeah, but did it work?

When Ideal Image came to us, they owned 0.1% of all category conversation. Now, not only has social driven real business results, audience engagement, brand perception and customer retention
has increased exponentially.


  • 29.29% ER (industry average - 2.261%)

  • 45% MoM Growth Rate


Caption: #MayThe4th be with you, Jedi #beauty masters!

Caption: If you’re anything like us, it probably takes you longer to get through all those marshmallows you put in your hot chocolate. #Guilty #30MarshmallowMinimum #LaserHairRemoval

Caption: Dear Concerned & Clumsy, this story had us in tears — thanks for sharing your #HairyChronicles! Want to be featured on our page? Share your funniest Halloween mishaps below.

Caption: If ripping hair out of your legs doesn’t sound like a good way to set the mood, book a Laser Hair Removal appointment before your next date night.

Caption: It’s cheesy, but it’s true 😏  🍕  Share

your favorite healthy(ish) #NationalPizzaDay 

#recipes below!

Caption: #NewYearsEve is all about making #memories, celebrating life and being with the ones you love. Tag the people who’ll make your midnight special! 💋 #NYE2016

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