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Creative Director, Copywriter

When the client came to us, they had two styles of work on social media: low-quality user-generated content and heavily-branded sales videos.


To elevate creative and create a deeper connection with the audience, we developed a suite of concepts that highlight cultural nuance, ladder up to the brand's Higher Purpose, uncover destination highlights, and frame beautiful landscapes as moments of wanderlust.


By diving deep into audience demographics and platform behavior, we also gave each channel a distinct purpose, built a library of higher-quality UGC, and established a sophisticated, storied brand voice.

Caption: Remember that unforgettable night you had at B.B. King’s Blues Club? Chances are, Antonio had something to do with it. Here, we’re on stage with band leader Antonio Hobson. Check back often for more stories from our crew!

Caption: There are moments when we travel that inspire us to bring back a piece of our experience. For Gerald, director of our Mariner Society, it was watching a veil of fog lift to reveal the unfolding drama of the Li River. What was your moment of inspiration?


Caption: Whichever corner of the world you’re in, a gorgeous #sunset is always worth capturing. Swipe to see the gallery.

Caption: Mornings on the Li River give rise to some of the most dramatic views in the world. Unfolding bend after bend, it’s as if a masterpiece landscape is being painted before your eyes. Will your next postcard come from Asia? 

Caption: Whichever corner of the world you’re in, a gorgeous #sunset is always worth capturing. Swipe to see the gallery.

Caption: Just outside Barcelona’s center, colorful mosaics cover everything from undulating rooftops to artful ceilings and park benches in Gaudi’s eclectic Parc Guell. Carve out at least an hour or two to explore every nook and cranny and watch the city come to life.

Caption: Make 2018 your year of living well—
the year you discover beauty both in the world around you and within yourself. This March, join O Mag and an inspiring roster of thought leaders, visionaries, and authors aboard a soul-stirring cruise to the Caribbean. #OMagOnHAL 

Caption: Olá from Rio! People from every corner of the world come here to check a few things off their list—like Carnival, Christ the Redeemer, and Copacabana. What brings you to Brazil?

Caption: The beautiful silk lanterns of Vietnam capture the essence of celebration. Each night, they illuminate the streets and are hung to bring luck, happiness and wealth to their households. Sail with us and explore Vietnam by the details.

Caption: Playing dominoes is a tradition rooted in the fabric of Cuban culture. Passed on through generations, a table like this is a familiar sight in day-to-day life. Come along and discover more about Cuba’s dynamic community.

Caption: Estonia’s collection of ornate doors marks a storied past of medieval brotherhoods, family legacies, and a commitment to artful expression. Journey with us and discover the magic within.


Journey through the sprawling temples, neon-lit streetscapes, and graceful gardens of the Far East—all while enjoying unique coastal views

and the serene Kanmon Straits between the islands of Japan. Book your cruise today.

Caption: You know those delicious moments around the table when the food is gone, but the conversation lingers on? The Spanish language has been able to capture that experience in a single melodic word. Come have a taste for yourself on a Panama Canal Journey. 

Caption: Casablanca is more than Hollywood nostalgia. The beautiful Hassan II Mosque puts Moroccan tradition on a distinctly modern trajectory and is one of the few open to non-Muslims. Are you excited to visit?

Caption: Wat Phra Kaew, or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, is Thailand’s most sacred Buddhist place of worship. Tap the image and tilt your phone to glimpse at the temple’s beautifully ornate statues.