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Creative Director, Copywriter

Banks are notorious—and stereotyped—for being the wet blankets of social media. With our work on Regions, all of that changed. Under my creative leadership, we developed a suite of concepts designed to start every story from the only place our audience cares about: their real, everyday lives.


By creating a friendly new brand voice, we positioned Regions as the friendly neighbor who just happens to be an expert in finance. And our fans couldn’t agree more.


They’ve adopted our piggy bank as an unofficial mascot, participate in quality conversations, and regularly click through to our website to further engage with the brand.


  • Social sharing increased by +363%

  • Social engagement volume increased by +95% 

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Caption: “Hey mom… mom… mooooom… isn’t your spa day at home relaxing? The little dears are outside asking.” Share this #PiggyPoetry if your Mother’s Day looks something like this😉

National Tooth Fairy Day

National Tooth Fairy Day

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Caption: Whether the Tooth Fairy brings you nickels, dimes, or dollars, it’s a good idea to start saving when you’re smaller. Share some other ways you teach your kids about the value of money. #PiggyPoetry